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b. 1985, PHL.

Cannon Beach Lifestyle by Stephanie Inn

Cannon Beach Lifestyle by Stephanie Inn



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Design & Process

Every designer has their own process of doing things. I am no different. When a project comes in I typically setup a kickoff meeting, preferably in person. I find in-person meetings more productive to me because I get to see how the project is presented. Not only do I take notes, I look for visual ques, keywords, the client’s inspiration, and to pose questions to better understand the need. As for my notes, they are a mix of words and images I use to reference what I see and feel. A creative stimuli.

From my experience, most clients know what they want but have difficulty expressing them. My job as a creative is to illuminate the journey and serve as a guide. I like to walk them through some concepts to better understand their needs. When it comes to the deliverable I make sure to follow the client’s needs to the letter. However, I find providing alternative designs also increases the potential for something more, something better. I like collaborating, makes the process easier for both parties.

The power of Colors and Images

Visual story telling is my first language and my first love. As a child immigrating to the United States I did not speak a word of English. My American education started with a power thing called a “television”. The mixture of colors and images fascinated me. Turner Classic Movies, Westerns, Saturday Morning Cartoons, The Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sesame Street are my jam. I was able to relate and use what I saw visually and interpret them verbally. My fascination with color and images help develop my love of drawing. I wanted to mimic what I saw, capture it, and put it on paper. Problem solving and finding a solution, no matter what context, came easy to me. As my English progressed so did my creativity.

Flash forward to the present. I now apply my skills to help others communicate through design. Creativity is where I flourish and where I like to be. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and as a designer I keep an open mind on any project I work on.

I remind myself of how far I have come and how far I can to go. My goal is to always move forward. I believe the power of colors and images will take me there.